99 Squares Throw – Blissful Blanket

Warm-up with a throw

I would consider myself a veteran crocheter, although doesn’t necessarily equate to level of skills and knowledge of all the stitches.

Anyone who crocheted for as long as a decade or more, might feel the same way that I do about time-consuming projects.

If we have crocheted that long, it usually means we have reached a certain age-frame. Some of us devote most of our time doing what was expected of us; some of us have surrendered our time dictation to the off-springs; some of us are just in the big swirl of multi-tasking from home to work, and all the way back from work to home.

Routine, seems like a good idea. In a strange way, it forces us to slow down and have the perfect reason to excuse ourselves from the crazy schedule. It’s not like we are doing nothing, we are working on ‘stuff’, yes? It seems more forgiving that way.

Since a teenager, making huge blanket and throw has always been my personal getaway, even from myself. Many times, it is not anyone else that expects too much of us; it is ‘us’ that sets a strict standard for ourselves.

Shades of blue

It is immensely gratifying when the many hours of making all the small squares – in this case, 99 squares – to form a large piece of work that you have pictured in mind. It is not just fitting in the puzzle pieces, but making the puzzle piece and fitting them to form the final picture, piece by piece – effort building.

Similar but Different

I love the circles in the squares, subtle, yet matters. The combination and arrangement of the varied pieces are not random, they are carefully calculated and planned. By not giving up, we will get to see the final piece.

Feel like home

I love the idea of having more handmade products at home. Hand-crocheted/knitted furnishing makes a house a home. Every stitch is hand-produced, every stitch is a conscious effort to give up doing something that may be viewed as utmost important by others. Every stitch is an opportunity cost.

Knitted well wishes - mapped

99 squares. “99” is such a lovely number. In Chinese, “99” rhythms with ‘long long’ – in the context of time. “99” is commonly used to represent auspicious wish/greeting related to relationship, marriage, or birthdays. It really means longevity, and eternity.

It sounds like a romantic and sincere number combination, don’t you think?


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