Addison & Gina Wedding Dolls

Addison & Gina wedding dolls

The very happy couple. Stitched eyes always give a sense of euphoric happiness, yes?

There is a Chinese expression, ’见牙不见眼 – see the teeth, and not the eyes’ – literal translation, is an expression that the person is so happy, when they smile/laugh, the eyes are squinted so tiny, we can’t see the eyes at all.

Indeed, the couple looks like they are in cloud nine.

Gina, the bride

Classic pose for Picture Perfect!

Addison, the groom

The groom was so happy and nervous, he barely slept. He may look like he just got out of the bed, but really, this is still the hottest out-of-bed hairstyle that is well-liked by men. Almost felt like a dream, he smiles his way through the wedding, and thinking just how lucky and blessed he has been.

Addison & Gina wedding dolls

This day, they pledged their eternal love for each other.

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Addison and Gina Wedding Dolls



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