Made-To-Order Dolls Partially Opened

Edit: Since our last announcement to open up the MTO sections, our order schedule has filled through September, therefore we are closing the sections until we clear the orders.
Thank you for your support.


We managed to clear most of the big orders, and we are now opening some categories of the MTO dolls for your purchase.


1. Wedding Dolls – Large size

2. Huggable Series (including Jaja Ninja, and new addition – Indian Saint, Sai Baba)

3. School Sweethearts dolls

#Note that fully customized service for new designs is currently not available. We are offering only existing designs of our own, but with options to customize colors, and to choose to change hairstyles, and groom’s suits, and even to switch/add between hand posy and heart pillow.

Prices: Color customization is offered at no additional cost; most hairstyles switching is free, but some styles involve a fee due to the complexity of the style; heart pillows and hand posy involve a fee too.

[Limited Time]

We will stop accepting MTO orders again once the order schedule fills through to August. Currently, the earliest slot to start new order is July.

Reference: Order Schedule Chart



Of course, we also have some ready-made items for your purchase. We will be adding more stocks to the ready-made section by end of the month though.




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