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Tortoise coming through

The Royal Tortoise is coming through!

Smooching Tortoises

So, we know that generally, tortoises live for a long long time. That is possibly one of the reasons why we, particularly the Chinese, regard tortoises as very auspicious animal. Tortoise is also a symbol of longevity, and it is believed to bring prosperity and luck to the owners.

That, aside, aren’t they just so cute, smooching away!

We have once again closed the sections for Made-to-order, custom order, and finished products (that need to be reproduced) as our order schedule is filled through September.

As promised, we will start expanding the ready-made products. This time around, we have added 10 ready-made amigurumi tortoises (one of the best sellers at all times) in assorted colors. Only one unit for each color, so grab them while you can!

Product reference:

Amigurumi TorGri Tortoises



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