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Wish upon a star...coaster

What not to love about coaster?

The girl walking on star

Coffee breaks are life savers, always, yes? In my line of work, when I am not rushing to get all orders packed and ready for mailing in the morning, I would be crocheting like bionic woman, as friends said, when the hands are transformed into crocheting machine to fill orders. Other times, I would be squinting my eyes after hours of staring into the monitor to edit tons of photos and working on patterns. Not to forget the times spent cracking the head to work on new stitches and techniques to achieve specific design that I have in my head for custom orders.

Coffee breaks refresh the day, and unclog the mass of mental blockages. I always have coasters for my mugs, and I adore colorful coasters. Colors are mood-lifting.

Earl grey tea

Not a coffee person? I have teas too!

It is during these small breaks, our thoughts process renew and sometimes great ideas pop up out of nowhere! Perhaps, if you wish upon the lucky star… coaster, things will just work out in your favor.

Colors colors, make some wonders

Colors, colors, make some wonders.

All coasters are sold in set of 2 pieces.

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