Website Upgrading in Progress | May 2012

The upgrading works on our eStore has begun. Most of the maintenance works are carried out at the backend, and during this period, you might experience intermittent downtime – from 10am to 6pm (GMT +8hrs). The website will be up and running from 6pm onwards till the next morning. (We work very hard, and nearly everyday, but not that hard, we do sleep too. :P)

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the upgrading is necessary to bring to you a more secured and stable shopping environment on our eStore.

The plan to achieve super crossed-eyes

If you wondered, this is what stays on the computer screen during those hours. It’s almost like playing the game ‘spot the difference’, except that it’s not remotely as fun.

As this is a major upgrade to the cart, we want to be absolutely sure that it will function properly, so we will be testing the upgraded site separate from our live store. This way, you can be assured that the ‘construction’ works are done away from the compound of your virtual shopping mall. 😉

As orders go, everything is still processed normally like before.

Have a great weekend, while we get overdose with decaf coffee, organic teas, and try to uncross the frequently crossed-eyes from staring at the codes.


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