Promotion on Facebook and Other Announcements


2 discount codes are now available for use on SAPLANET ORIGINALS™ facebook page. Both codes give you 20% discount* for purchases of ePatterns and Read-Made products such as amigurumi dolls, baby booties, coasters etc. Not eligible for supplies.

Simply click on the ‘Specials for Fans’ tab under our Timeline cover to gain access to the codes. These discount codes are only offered to our fans.

*Some conditions apply; regular shop policy applies.



We have put up requisition to bring in some new safety eyes/noses as well as to replenish the sold out supplies. The order is in production now, and the shipment is expected to arrive late May-mid Jun.

#Check out our Closeouts section for great discount. Limited quantities left. Products will discontinue once sell out.



We didn’t think we are going away for this year, but we are! It is an impromptu decision. We will be away from 10th July to 19 July, our official shop will be open during this period, however, we will not be sending out any orders, including ePatterns during the vacation period. Our shops on other venues (etsy and DaWanda) will close, therefore orders cannot be accepted on those venues.

Existing orders are not affected, we will fulfill the orders and deliver in the timely fashion as committed.

Plan ahead if you wish to receive your orders before we leave for our vacation.

Please refer to the VACATION NOTICE for details on cut-off dates.


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