Take Time to Add a Little Fun to Mundanity of Everyday’s Work

The Boy, The Girl, and 2 House Cats

We have been busy, but being busy is no excuse to stop having fun with work and what makes you smile, yes? We’ve got new rubber stamp!

The rubber stamp image is heavily based on the ‘Love Story – School Sweethearts‘ dolls. It kind of warms my heart whenever I see the couple.

Now, it is true that everything could be about me (come on, that’s one of the perks to run your own business, don’t you agree?). My hair length changes rather frequently, long hair, cropped bob, messy long hair, bob gone disarray etc. Now? I have long hair, only because I am hardly out of the apartment, and sitting in the hair salon for hours is a kill-joy.

So, since the original ‘Love Story – Bus-stop lovers‘ is based on my personal story, and I had short bob back then, hence the girl’s short hair. Now that I have long hair, it’s only reasonable to let the girl in the image wears her long hair too.

The cats, you ask? We don’t have cats yet, it is disallowed at home now. We are expecting to keep 2 home cats when our apartment is ready. We are thinking perhaps a Scottish Fold (the breed with distinctive folded ears, not by design, by it’s really a genetic mutation) and a British Shorthair, or just a domestic cat.

my new stamp

If you have ordered items from us to be shipped to you, you should find this familiar. We stamped this on the back of the envelope/package.

The Japanese girl (based on our Amigurumi girl, Shintzu) and Dotty (based on our Amigurumi devil, Dotty) will retire from their positions as Ambassadors, and hand over the baton to the Love Story couple and the house cats.

I guess, it’s about time, they have worked hard since beginning of 2009. I can’t believe I have been doing this (running Simple Arts Planet) for the 6th years now!

Thank you for supporting us all these years!


Superheroes to spice up my eye-crossing days

Know that we are working hard on the website upgrade. It is taking longer than we would love to. At this point, it will not affect your shopping with us, as we are still working on the codes and examine the changes, codes to codes, files to files, folders to folders.

This is quite a major upgrade, so it’s very taxing to the eyes and brain. Fun is always part of what we wish to accomplish in this crafting business. While this is a tedious process, it doesn’t need to kill the passion of what we do.

My coping mechanism is to add fun when the going gets challenging. I have changed the system/application/folders icons on my iMac with some superheroes icons. My HDD icon is now a Captain America icon.

This should not come as a surprise to you, I am a grown (that is a subtle term) woman who makes adorable Amigurumi toys for a living, and I play with plush cat, that’s the cue that the child in me has not outgrown the age! I pretend that the superheroes are looking out for me, so that I don’t make a big blunder and kill the website. Simple pleasure helps make the process easier.

I hope you find small fun in the daily work routine, which can be stressful, overwhelming, or just mundanely bored. This way, we don’t waste a whole day entertaining negative energies, instead, we embrace everyday with a little joy of playfulness, almost trying to keep that innocent child in us alive.

Have a great Tuesday!

2 comments for “Take Time to Add a Little Fun to Mundanity of Everyday’s Work

  1. Belinda Lee
    May 15, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • May 15, 2012 at 4:53 PM

      Thank you!! Small things like that make our work a lot more fun. 😀

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