Grand Plan | Abandoned

So, I talked about the website upgrading work forever, only because it took FOREVER to match the files and codes, and I am no web developer. In retrospect, I should be proud of myself, considering that I have handled all the big and small upgrades since the store was launched in 2008.

This was what happened:

Average of 3-4 hours a day over more than 3 weeks were spent to work on the preparation of the upgrade. On the day of testing, the test site won’t load! More changes were made and more details examined, and databases loaded, replaced, restored, the site still won’t load!

To cut the losses, a web developer was engaged and paid to do the work for us instead. Disappointingly, it was quite an unsatisfactory job done. Although the website was successfully upgraded, (so it said on the small print on the admin area) there were more damages made and data loss.

I didn’t sleep well, and definitely didn’t sleep enough last night. I woke several times from all the intense ‘conversation’ I had with the developer – in the dream; then, I decided I needed to sort it out. I woke at 2am plus to work on the website, and went back to sleep at around 6am. The dream continued. It was a different storyline this time, it was problem-focused solution.

I woke at around 9am to restore everything back to the original working state – dumping the crippling upgrade. To justify all the hard work, anxiety, and sleep deprivation, I installed a new feature on the store that functions perfectly well before the upgrade!

Now, I get to say, ‘Look, there is something done!’

Over the next few weeks-months, when possible, we will tidy up the product description page. Now that they are tabbed, we can include more information such as ‘materials used’ for patterns on a separate tab. This way, you don’t have to read through a book to get to a line of information that you really need.

I had great plans, to revamp the website with a premium (paid) template after the upgrade. The upgrade project is abandoned for now. Rest assured though, our website is still well maintained.

I hope your weekend have been a much enjoyable one as compared to mine. have a great week ahead!

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