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We were contacted by Home & Decor magazine a while back for a photo shoot and interview on site (home office), as I live with my parents now until our own place is ready, I decide to keep my current residence private, so I politely declined the opportunity.

Stella, who conducted the interview, was exceptionally understanding and respected my decision to keep my residence private, she offered an email interview instead.

It’s been a crazy month with everything going on with the website and orders, it slipped my mind completely until Alice, a lovely crafting friend, sent me a personal note of congratulation for the feature. I pestered the husband to hunt and grab a copy, despite we are only days away from June.

The topic is on ‘Home-Grown Businesses’. It’s not surprising that the local ‘climate’ is warming up to the idea of working from home. More women prefer to stay home to provide nurturing care to their children; and it could be practical since our child care expenses can cost an arm, or leg.

Further, the government is continually encouraging Singapore women to continue to work after marriage and childbirth. Therefore, more supporting policies are introduced. One of them is the home-office scheme.

I am very privileged to take up a small section of this topic, along with other local businesses.

The ‘Lisa’ mentioned here is the same person here, Lis. It’s quite a common error though, so I am fine with it. When Simple Arts Planet begins, she gets off on the right foot. We have been registered in the Home-Office scheme since the business is registered with ACRA Singapore. I wanted to be very sure, so I even made several phone calls to the agencies to confirm the procedures. It was new then, rules and regulations were not very precise yet.

Yes, I read up on everything, and was confused by the Small Scale Business (which requires no formal registration) vs Home Office Scheme. I phoned the HDB several times to make sure I understood it.

We get asked all the times by Singapore customers if they could come by our home-office to self-collect the orders. One of the regulations states that we must not introduce extra traffic to the home-office. Further, if I run this business like a retail shop that requires me to run the ‘counter’, I don’t think any order will ever get made or processed, don’t you agree?

So, this is the small tinkling spark that makes me grin from ear to ear, and I want to share this joy with you!

Thank you Stella, for the amazing article!

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