Growing Bigger!

I hope your weekend have been great! Ours in Singapore have been, extreme! Yesterday was gloomy and sunless; Sun decides to take us on with a vengeance today!

I decide to change the theme for my blog. Taking Captain Sparrow hostage and sail away to the far far away seems like a neat idea, don’t you think? I put 2 cats under the coconut tree while the Pony and the Meow get ready to sail. I think Captain Sparrow has something up his sleeves though.

That was the plan for the weekend. Of course, and the ongoing editing work on the other blog. As if I have not enough on the plate now, I decide to hop over to the webstore and color it red!

I should make it a routine to take screenshot of the blogs and online shops. When I look back after years later, I will notice the growth and changes.

We had launched our website right from the beginning, but it was built on very tedious html template that we have to literally hardcode every ‘buy’ button. With each new page added, we have to change all other pages in the frame!

In 2008, we launched a more comprehensive shopping cart, which took us months to set up, many more months to fine tune. To-date, we have approximately 430 active product listings (as you would know by now that we stop accepting MTO orders until we clear our orders in Oct), and by end of the month, the number will increase.

Thank you for patronizing our shops and the continued support!


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