Good Morning, Wednesday!

I worked till late night, I wanted to get up late this morning. I woke to this view out of my room’s window. This is one of the small things in life that we can choose to appreciate, or take for granted.

I had a not-so-great day yesterday, but I choose to follow the work schedule. The day ended to be quite a productive day. That helps to balance out the bad vibe. At the end of the day, I will always want to say at least, ‘Today’s not bad!’. Before I go to sleep, I think to myself, ‘Tomorrow’s a fresh day!’.

I plan, but I also take life one day at a time. While I plan for the near and far future, I seize today and live passionately.

What am I doing today? Of course, it’s down to business now, since this is the craftblog! The 2 carton boxes of supplies arrived yesterday! They are still unopened (didn’t I say I worked till late yesterday?), and I will spend the day doing stock inventory, photographing the new supplies and hopefully get the listings up by end of the week.

I hope today is a great day for you, and a week of loveliness follows!

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