Safety Craft Eyes | Oval and Round Eyes in More Sizes

So, we talked about the new shipment since May, and it is finally here!

Popular sizes are restocked, although some are selling fast and might be running low soon. That happens when the production is delayed and we didn’t expect the new sizes to sell that fast.

Anyway, we have more sizes for the round black eyes, and yes, we brought in 4 more new sizes for the oval eyes to the existing stock of 7mm oval eyes.

Bulk packs – the prices are factored with up to 40% discount, so if you are sharing with friends, or make many similar sizes of dolls, you might want to take advantage of it.

Sampler packs – the new sizes are added into the existing packs.

[Other Notices]

1. Vacation Notice: Order early if you wish to receive your order before our vacation from 10 Jul to 19 Jul.

2. MTO status: Our order schedule for 2012 is fully booked. New orders, upon acceptance will only start work in Jan 2013. Prior booking is essential. All bookings are subject to prior acceptance (especially for custom design) and first-come-first-serve basis.



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