Arts vs Science | Rocket Ninja

Finished the sneaky black ninja yesterday, after 3 days working on the rocket.

They are going to different places, but I think they have bonded. Ninja or not, boy being boy, has a thing for the rocket. Then again, we may never know why the ninja is so attached to the rocket.

My guesses are:

1. He loves the rocket so much, he is leaving a mark on the rocket. He made a promise to the rocket that he will find it again when he has mastered the ultimate skill of ‘Moon Jumping’.

2. He is hiding from a mortal enemy; or he is trying to steal the rocket?

3. Gosh! He thinks it’s a nuclear weapon, and he is trying to disarm it and save the world!

4. When he decides to take the path towards the Arts of Ninja-ism; the best friend decides to take on the path in Rocket Science. See, his best friend is the astronaut in the rocket. The ninja is wishing him the best of luck while they part ways.

Again, even though I created and made the sneaky ninja, I do not try to assume I know what he is thinking, after all, he is the sneaky one!

The rocket makes a perfect decoration in a boy’s room.

When we were children, we have our own private corners in the house. In these corners, we dreamt the impossible. With these dreams, we grow to become a goal-oriented person. When we become adults, that private corners will always house the most warming memories – childhood.


**Pattern will be available soon for the rocket.


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