Back in Business | After Kota Kinabalu Vacation

We are back in business from our short vacation in Kota Kinabalu – KK, Malaysia! All shops (SimpleArtsPlanet official store, Etsy pattern/supplies store, Etsy finished products store, DaWanda store – website links are located at the side panel) are now open for business!

We have not been to KK, in fact, we haven’t been to Malaysia much, although Malaysia is one of our nearest neighbors. That might be exactly the reason. We always want to travel further, yes?

KK is an interesting and quaint ‘town’, as least where we put up at, Gaya Street. We stayed in the city, where the ‘busyness’ is not remotely as hectic as Singapore. I enjoyed the smaller crowds in places, with occasional influx of tourist groups.

Where did I go, you ask? Pretty much within 3 KM radius from our hotel! I fell sick into the 3rd day of our vacation, and my feet caught a nasty skin reaction from the plasters that I put on to guard against blistering from the new Fitflop shoes. Oh well, at least now I have another item to add into my ‘To-Test’ list when I go for my skin patch test in August.

Like you, I am an avid online shopper, but I am also the bad kind of workaholic. Since I work from home-office, I tend to work more than I should. With the overwhelming order schedule, I almost feel guilty when I spend too much time, and I mean personal time, researching on product reviews instead of working my butt off.

So, this is the kind of really nice vacation, when I deliberately removed myself from work – as in traveled to another country where I don’t have access to crafting materials and even work data on notebook/devices – and indulged in hours of guilt-free net-surfing, and gaming!

KK has a rich scent of nostalgia in the air. We share similar WWII and post-war occupation history, so there is architecture similarity, except that Singapore has moved rapidly and most of the older buildings have been demolished and skyscrapers are  built.

Nostalgia, not only for our parents or older generations who have been through the days of war and post-war. We, the younger generation, are nostalgic because we have seen photos of our parents and grandparents. In the most intricate way, they are part of us, as though we too, have lived through the years of turmoil.

See, I don’t have to do too much (such as visiting all the tourist spots) in a place to develop deep feelings. It is the quality and quantity of time spent in just one place, enough to soak in the culture and appreciate the people as they are. That said, I don’t compromise my personal safety by walking the dimly lit alleys in late hours.

I am not sure if this sounds crazy to you, but we do this all the time, so it’s pretty much a norm around here. One of the ‘routines’ that we do during our vacation, is to plan for the next vacation, if it hasn’t been planned already. We have already booked for a slightly more than 2 weeks vacation for next year, over the Lunar New Year period (2013 Lunar New Year falls on 10 Feb, and ends on 24 Feb).


2 comments for “Back in Business | After Kota Kinabalu Vacation

  1. July 24, 2012 at 7:44 AM

    so sorry to hear about your injury. i’m glad to hear that all is well again. i think it’s really interesting that you’ve already planned out your vacation for next year. I have a really hard time doing that because of my schedule. I usually end up planning about 2 months (or less) in advance Lol.

    Anyway, just wanted to leave you a quick comment to let you know that I enjoyed reading your blog : )

    • July 24, 2012 at 8:55 AM

      Hey Kola, thanks for swinging by and leaving a comment. Planning ahead helps motivate me to move forward more joyfully, everyday! I love what you are doing too, and keep up with good work!

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