Project Hijack – New Project in Progress

I am on schedule with the delivery commitment made to you. I am never late, and I always under-promise, say, I value punctuality over order volume. Besides, I would have clung on to the corporate ladder if it were just money and impressive titles on the business cards that I am after.

So, whilst I work like crazy everyday in filling orders, my imaginary masochistic twin decides to push it further. See, self-motivation is the key factor in maintaining my passion in this business. I need to feed that creative side of me to keep this going.

What do I do? No biggie, just hijacked a slot – which by the way was really set aside for new projects, which I hijacked earlier for some interesting orders, yeah, I do that sometimes – from the current schedule and work on something new.

I do get to decide what is interesting and special, no offense, but that is one of the perks being the designer, and the boss per se.

Believe me, I will need months of free slots if I were to materialize all the sketches in that leather-bound book! How classy right? That is a gift from the husband, perfect in recording the precious impromptu inspirations, and fleeting crazy thoughts!

I imagine that some day, many years later, I might just be delighted with nostalgia when I flipped the pages with my wrinkled hands.

Whatever you are doing today, I hope it is a joyful one!

Everyday passes quickly, we decide if we want this day to be more purposeful. Live it like it’s your last.

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