Bella & Wally Beach Wedding Dolls | Amigurumi Dolls and Pattern

This should not come as a surprise, since we have blogged a teaser about the new project. What you don’t know – so did we – are the names of this couple!

Introducing Bella and Wally, the couple who throws a marvelous beach party on their wedding!

Just so you know, with the tight timetable, the only time I could feed my television-addiction is when I crochet. At the rate that I am watching tv series, I am impatiently waiting for new seasons or new episodes to be released!

Through this business, I have made some fabulous buyers-turned-friends who live mostly in the US, Indonesia, including fellow Singaporeans. We co-influence one another in watching new tv series, and we do connect!

I am currently watching Gossip Girl, only to find out that it’s a dying series! The story is so dramatic, I actually had Serena in my mind when making Bella! I imagined a beach wedding for her. How she connects with her beau for the first time on one enchanting sunset.

Everything is perfect. With Blair, Chuck, Nate, and Lily to help plan the wedding, it is stunning to the smallest details.

Don’t worry, unlike the Gossip Girl, Bella and Wally have the most beautiful beach wedding, with no drama on the side. The sun was bright and just warm enough for everyone to enjoy the event in their light clothing. The breeze carries the light hint of salt scent. The soft music blends perfectly with the crashing of the light sea waves.

This day, is remembered forever.

Bella & Wally is now available on our eShop.

1. Bella & Wally eTutorial (PDF file)

2. Bella & Wally Dolls – ONLY one set, ready made

Skills Level:

INTERMEDIATE – this pattern is more complex and not suitable for crafters who are completely new to crochet.



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