Public Holiday – Singapore National Day | No Shipping Day

I am not sure if the new stamps are released to coincide with the National Day or the Olympics, or both, but the new stamps are definitely prettier.

If you have ordered tangible products from us, you know we rarely use the somewhat boring machine-dispensed stamps.

There are a few reasons why we stock up pre-printed stamps.

  • As ridiculous as it may sound, one of the reasons is that I like how pre-printed stamps look on the package, even though you might only look at it for less than 5 seconds and toss the packaging into the bin
  • I have lack of faith in the post office, because they charged me for air registered when the packages were marked as surface registered; or attempted to send the package by speedpost courier when it was marked as air registered; so I bought a good postal scale and put the stamps myself

I hope you have enjoyed the pretty stamps on your packages!

Meanwhile, please take not that 09 August is Singapore’s National Day, and it’s a public holiday, so there will be no postal services on this day, unless you are opting for courier service (Singapore buyers only).

Have a nice holiday, fellow Singaporeans!

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