Frenzy Schedule before Charity Event

One of Frequently-Asked-Request emails that we receive – every other day, if not daily, has to be requests to accept new orders for dolls (mostly wedding dolls, but others too, including custom orders). Unfortunately, even though we are beginning to clear up most of our backlogs, we will not be opening up the slots until next year.

See, these 45cm tall dolls (each) take up quite a bit of time, and along with other work that we are squeezing in between. (We are still working on the smaller dolls for this order)

The rest of 2012 (which is not much left) is packed for a charitable event – in collaboration with 5-6 handmade talents, order filling, final quarter 2012 of procurement activity, and new design launches. That pretty much covers the year, and remember, we are leaving town for more than 2 weeks over the Lunar New year (February 2013), so it is possible that we will keep the schedule closed until we are back.

*If I work my fingers fast enough, I might just be able to do up a few pairs of wedding dolls to list under ‘ready-made’ section. Fingers crossed!*

It makes sense. January is possibly one of the busiest months in the year for us. The post-Christmas cleaning up, and we rarely have time to do anything for Valentine’s Day, and then taking time to make the travel arrangements and all.

Keep your eyes peeled for October Charitable Event! Details will be released as soon as we finish our September orders, and have gotten in touch with the respective organization.

Meanwhile, have a great Monday, and a wonderful week ahead!


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