Sai Baba, the Indian Saint, in different versions | Custom Order

The custom order of Indian Saint, Sai Baba is finally completed. Included in the order are the big doll of 45cm tall; teru teru bozu version of 6cm tall; small doll of 9cm tall; and matching bottle openers.

Each doll is made with utmost attention paid to the details. I know they will be much treasured and cherished by the buyer and her family.

We plan to release the pattern of the Sai Baba design soon – either in Sep or Oct, depending on how much time I could squeeze from the tight schedule.

With the completion of that order, we initiated contact with the charity organization to discuss – or rather, put the process of the event into motion – about the details of the fundraiser that we have talked about for months now.

Now, unlike our earlier fundraisers, this time around, we are collaborating with 6 other handmade artisans. This team of artisans are a great mix of paper craft artist, jewelry designers, and accessories designers. I have no concrete idea what might be included in the goodie bag – yes they will be sold as goodie bags – but I assure you that they will be fabulous!

While we wait for the confirmation from the charity organization, we will continue to work on your orders as scheduled.



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