Ordinary Mail Service is Back!


We receive countless of requests through our contact form everyday. On par with the frequently requested wedding doll/custom orders slots requests, is the request to bring back Ordinary Mail option.

For those who have shopped with us for years, you know we used to offer ordinary mail option. However, with the rapid growth of order and work volume (and we are really thankful for that), we didn’t find it justifiable anymore to attend to queries pertaining to orders sent through ordinary mail option, hence the removal of this option.

We decide to offer this option again – since the volume of requests to restore the option is soon exceeding the volume of requests to trace the untraceable ordinary mails – but with some strict conditions.

Ordinary Mail is cost-effective, but it is NOT traceable. It is as reliable and dependable according to your postman’s standard of service. We know buyers understand the risks when they opt for this service, but when delivery takes longer than they would like, they sent multiple emails demanding for explanation and a tracking number; of course, many times, it is a genuine oversight when opted for the lower shipping cost, unaware of the risks.

Now we state the condition in the shipping table. We know it isn’t the friendliest phrasing, but we believe you would prefer honest declaration over shoddy business practice. We prefer to provide concise information, so that you could make informed buying decision.

We are not trying to be rude, but really, we will not entertain queries pertaining to orders shipped through ordinary mails. Once the order is shipped, we will update the status in your order, which will auto-generate an email notification to your inbox. You will be able to gauge the estimated shipping time from SingPost’s website.

:: Certification of Posting ::

From 02 October 2012 onwards, all orders using Ordinary Mail option are accompanied with a Certificate of Posting. It is not a warranty or insurance, it is only a slip bearing the recipient’s shipping address, date of mailing, and the stamp of acceptance by the post office. The post office does not keep record of the certificate, it is only a proof that the package is presented at the post office counter for mailing. It is also the proof that we will provide in an unfortunate event of dispute.

:: Venue Sensitive ::

The Ordinary Mail option is currently made available on our official webstore at www.simpleartsplanet.com only. We will offer this option to buyers who prefer to shop on Etsy too – later in the week, we are swamped! – but not by default. It will be a passive option due to the lack of comprehensive shipping customization, by means of refunding the registered fee through paypal, and buyer has to indicate ‘ORDINARY MAIL’ in the message box before checking out.

[Domestic Courier Service – Taqbin]

We have finally updated Taqbin’s door-to-door rate in the shipping table – for deliveries made within Singapore only. Note that this option is NOT applicable to yarn purchases due to the bulky size. If you are buying yarns and checked out with this option, we will downgrade the service to Registered Mail and refund the overage through PayPal. Email notifications will be sent by PayPal, and through our automated status update.

Please understand that we will not contact you to explore the other options due to the high volume of orders and work to be processed everyday.



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