Participating Designer for Fundraiser – Cynthia of Cynthia Poh Designs & Beady Girl

I have mentioned Cynthia Poh, of Cynthia Poh Designs, and Beady Girl so many times, don’t you feel you knew her too?

Cynthia is a long-time friend, before our crafting careers. We were both administrative people in offices adjacent to each other, with super multi-tasking skill (acquired through job nature; and she did it better than I). During those coffee breaks (that we gave ourselves!), the friendship blossomed.

Without her encouragement, Simple Arts Planet may never take form. Besides being one of my greatest friends, Cynthia is an avid beaded jewelry designer. She specializes in seed beads, and her style is always elegant and classy. A talent like her will not be easily contented with just one crafting specialty; she took various classes, including silver smith jewlery, glass works etc; she cooks and bakes the most heavenly dishes and pastries; what do you know, she sews beautifully too!

[About Beady Girl & Cynthia Poh Designs]

Beady Girl was launched in May 2005 to showcase Cynthia’s beautiful collections of handmade jewelry and craft works. Her finished pieces are fashionable, elegant and artistic.

Cynthia Poh Designs is an extension of Beady Girl, showcasing Cynthia’s vast array of interests in numerous crafts other than beading.


Other than Debbie, of Crysallis Creations who is based in Hong Kong, Cynthia is the other participating designer in this fundraiser who is based outside of Singapore. Cynthia lives in the Western Australia now.

Cynthia lives a very busy lifestyle, but she always finds time to involve herself actively in the crafting scene as well as charitable campaigns. It’s been my great pleasure to have her as a friend, and a participating designer for this fundraiser.

Cynthia’s beautiful handmade products are included in the following Care Bags:

Care Bag A02 – Hand-beaded bobby pins

Care Bag A04 – Hand-beaded bobby pins

Care Bag A05 – Hand-beaded bobby pins

Care Bag A08 – Hand-beaded bobby pins

Care Bag B03 – Adorable apron features a canvas weight fabric in birds prints while on the other side is a sweet red and white polka dots fabric. The apron is in full length style with one pocket on each side, and is really useful for cooking or any activity where you need to protect yourself from splatters!

Care Bag B08 – Hand-beaded bobby pins

Care Bag B09 – Hand-beaded bobby pins

Care Bag C01 – A beautiful reversible apron made with 100% cotton. On one side is a solid Fuchsia coloured fabric while on the other side is a Moroccan inspired design in striking Pink. With contrasting Grey soft twill ties, this apron is set to delight any cook in the kitchen! b

Please join us in this effort in raising fund for a worthy cause, and support generously!

“Courageous Princess & Charming Knight” Collective Fundraiser

[The Beneficiary – Breast Cancer Foundation – BCF]
BCF is a non-profit organisation set up in 1997 with the mission of eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. To achieve this, it propagates awareness and education through talks, seminars, exhibitions and publications, and advocates early detection through regular screening. Support and volunteer programmes are organised for survivors and their families through counselling and healing through art activities – all with the aim of helping survivors regain their active life after breast cancer. BCF is one of the few breast cancer advocacy groups in the world with a Men’s Support League to emphasise men’s roles in society’s fight against this affliction.


Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET), the organizer and the participating labels support this cause and pledge all proceeds# made from the sale of all Care Bags to Breast Cancer Foundation. (Official receipt/document will be posted here once received from the beneficiary.)

#all proceeds excludes shipping fee and paypal fee (if applicable)



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