saplanet originals’ Contribution to the Fundraiser | 2012


Simple Arts Planet – SAPLANET ORIGINALS™, is the organizer of this fundraiser. Naturally, we do all the ground works, including liaising with the beneficiary (Breast Cancer Foundation), signing the Memorandum of Understanding, coordinating with the participating designers, arranging for logistics (most of them mailed their products to us), photographing the items, listing the bags on our online shop, packaging the items into Care Bags, promoting the campaign, and mailing the Care Bags to the generous buyers.

We contributed the following items:
1. Crochet flowers hair clips/barrettes with glass pearls
2. The theme dolls – Courageous Princess and Charming Knight
3. Crochted iPad sleeves
The above items are included in various Care Bags on our webshop.

We decide to have the products sold on our self-hosted and operated online shop because there is no listing fee and commission involved in the sale. Most of us sell at a common online marketplace – mainly on Etsy, it would involve a USD0.20 for each product listing, and 3.5% commission on each sale.

If you wish to support this cause, but not sure if you want to register an account with us, please drop us an email for an offline sale. We will make an exception solely for this fundraiser.

When contacting us, please include:

1. Care Bag number(s) (note that there is only 1 set for each Care Bag, please take note of the ‘sold out’ tag on the listings)

2. Your mailing address

3. Preferred shipping mode (Ordinary, Registered etc) – to check on shipping, please add the Care Bag to cart, and select your shipping country, click ‘update’; the order is not confirmed until you have checkout the cart with payment, therefore, feel free to add/remove the items in order to view the shipping estimates.

4. Singapore Buyers Only – Payment method: Bank Transfer / PayPal
(Bank transfer is not an acceptable method on our shop, however, we are making exception for this fundraiser only; PayPal is the payment gateway that processes Credit/Debit card payment securely, you don’t need to have a PayPal account, simply choose the 2nd option (with the option that states ‘no paypal account’) at the payment page and enter your credit/debit card details)

The downside of purchasing offline is that in the unlikely event that the Care Bag(s) that you want is also purchased by our registered customer who paid for the item, the registered customer has the priority over you because the item has been paid for.

**Due to our increasingly heavy workload, please understand that we will not be sending offline quotations, when you contact us for offline purchase, we treat it as order confirmation, therefore, please check the shipping rates in prior to contacting us.

We will send you the PayPal invoice through email for payment; or Bank Details for Singapore Buyers who choose to pay using Bank Transfer.


“Courageous Princess & Charming Knight” Collective Fundraiser

[The Beneficiary – Breast Cancer Foundation – BCF]
BCF is a non-profit organisation set up in 1997 with the mission of eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. To achieve this, it propagates awareness and education through talks, seminars, exhibitions and publications, and advocates early detection through regular screening. Support and volunteer programmes are organised for survivors and their families through counselling and healing through art activities – all with the aim of helping survivors regain their active life after breast cancer. BCF is one of the few breast cancer advocacy groups in the world with a Men’s Support League to emphasise men’s roles in society’s fight against this affliction.


Simple Arts Planet (SAPLANET), the organizer and the participating labels support this cause and pledge all proceeds# made from the sale of all Care Bags to Breast Cancer Foundation. (Official receipt/document will be posted here once received from the beneficiary.)

#all proceeds excludes shipping fee and paypal fee (if applicable)


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