DIY Homemade Leather Cleaner

My folks are out-of-town, I seize the opportunity to do what I couldn’t have when they are around. Meanwhile, I am still working on the wedding dolls (yes, as promised to many of you, I have already started working on some wedding dolls since last week to be listed under ‘ready-made’ section) and hopefully finished the batch by end of the month, if not first week of November.

I chose a more complex design to make, so it’s is really time consuming.

So, one of the things I HAD to do was to clean the leather sofa set with homemade recipe. I have it blogged with step-by-step guide on my other blog, but I thought it is too good not to share it here too. I know most crafters are very ‘hands-on’. If you like crafting and work with you hands, you will like to DIY cleaners too!

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