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I am not going to lie, working on the fundraiser takes a little toll on my air-tight work schedule. It is a lot of time invested, will I do it again? Undoubtedly, YES! I’ll just need to really start the preparation earlier and spread the my work more sparsely across that month.

These are why I WILL do this over and over, same or different beneficiary.

Story #1

Someone dropped us a private message on our Facebook page in expressing her thoughts about our fundraiser. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the message one-liner preview that said ‘…I think you are crazy’. Oh dear, did I write anything inappropriately – that happens sometimes, I am not known best for eloquence.

I was ready to apologize when I clicked through the message, only  to see that it was really a big warm virtual hug and an acknowledging virtual pat on the shoulder.

This kind person is a two-time cancer survivor. I always knew it mattered that we, the strangers, show that we care. When you hear it from a cancer survivor, it’s a true affirmation and enlightenment.

She wrote that it’s important that the patient knows others care.

A simple and sincere note. It lingers in my head. Remember when we had our hearts broken for the first time? It hurt so badly, it didn’t matter if others cared, at least I didn’t think it helped.

This is different. When I was at my lowest point in life, my entire future was altered and seemingly unrecoverable. I never felt so hopeless and helpless. It will matter if I knew someone cared. I would have the courage to put one foot ahead of the other. I wouldn’t be that afraid. The out-of-light tunnel would be dimly lit if someone cared enough to leave a light on along the way. It will matter.

Cancer, or other life-threatening and devastating diseases, do that to people. You wake up one day, one normal day, only to learn that what you had planned yesterday to do, may not be done anymore, because Cancer decides to visit. You look at your little child, your heart breaks for her, because you are now fearful that you may never see her grow up, or see her in her ballerina dress and her graduation cap. You look at your charming partner, you feel a deep sense of apology towards him/her. The promise to grow old together and enjoy every sunset in your retirement, may never be kept. Everything changes.

Does it matter if others care? When you are losing touch with hope, even the love from strangers can be a lifeline, a dimly lit hope to keep you going, until you see the light of day out of the dark tunnel. There may just a rainbow forming just for you.

Story #2

Eliz, my cousin, and I reconnected through Facebook – I know! It’s lame, but it’s true!. We were never as close as now, although oceans apart since she lives in Sydney now. We barely spoke with each other growing up.

Actually, I think she left an unforgettable impression when she shook my hand on my wedding. The firm handshake of hers was sincere and warm. Of course, I read (too) much into anything, but it was a handshake that I don’t forget – aside from the fact that she was a professional sailor who competed fiercely in Sea Games and all (sorry, I am really not a sports person!), that left ‘professional’ trails on her hands. That handshake spoke volume.

Eliz, ordered Care Bag B03, not only to support the worthy cause, but also thought it was a great cheer-up bag for a family member who has just gone through cancer treatment.

She didn’t just pay for the Care Bag, but she paid extra, and asked that the balance to go to the Breast Cancer Foundation too. What a generous spirit!

She wrote last night that the recipient phoned her to express thanks for the Care Bag. Eliz told me she wished I could hear how happy she sounded on the phone and that she loves the Care Bag very much. I already imagined that in my head, trust me, I have quite good an imagination!

I believe she genuinely loves the cute apron and bottle opener; I believe her greater joy derives from knowing that she has someone like Eliz who truly cares about her.

I was told that another family member is making an apron for the recipient’s young daughter. Now, they will both have new aprons to make delicious cookies for Christmas! (I wonder if she will send me any, I do love cookies!)

We wish her a full recovery and endless happy moments!

I can’t say this enough, thank you, Eliz, for your generous support!

Besides these 2 heart-warming stories, I am sure there are other stories behind the other Care Bags that are sold. A very dear friend whom I have not met in person, bought multiple Care Bags. She has expressed that she had never supported a good cause like this. Not only that she knows the proceeds go to the great cause, but she gets to keep the lovely items in the Care Bags too!

It’s not until 01 November that we cut the first cheque to the Breast Cancer Foundation. We have 13 Care Bags left to go around. All the items in the Care Bags are carefully handmade with love by our participating indie designers.

They serve multiple purposes. Not only that the items are beautifully made, they make great Christmas stocking stuffers, or a Cheer-up bag to someone whom you know can use some TLC, and most importantly, all proceeds from your generous support go to a worthy cause.

Come by on our Care Shop and fill your Christmas stocking stuffers with big love.

If you have bought our Care Bags, or planning to buy, and have a story to share, don’t be shy, give us the honor to share some warmth and love in this fast-paced generation. Help us inspire!



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