Our Story on Etsy Success Stories – Conversations with Etsy’s Top Sellers

(The ebook is available at Amazon)

We are honored to be among the few selected sellers on Etsy to be included in the book “Etsy Success Stories – Conversations with Etsy’s Top Sellers”, by Vivian Ajetunmobi.

In this book (Kindle Edition), we shared with the author about our crafting business journey. We started our humble business on Etsy, and grow and branch out from there.

Book Description:

Why don’t I have any sales?
Why is nobody visiting my shop?
Do people not like my products?
Are my prices too high?
Most Etsy Entrepreneurs would rather be creating products than having to spend time trying to promote their Etsy stores. But let’s face, the Etsy platform has gotten so big that you can easily get lost in the crowd of other sellers.
While this book is not a step by step instruction manual on how to set up an Etsy Shop, it is a more in-depth advice from the trenches. Real advice from people who are making a successful business out of Etsy with proof. No Gimmicks.
These incredible women talk about decisions they had to make, balancing business and family life, mistakes they made and what they wished they had known before they started.
If you are serious about building a successful arts and crafts business, the book offers a lot of insight into what works.

Inside Etsy’s Success Stories, you would learn
• Tips and strategies for building a successful business on Etsy.
• Little known secrets for making your business stand out
• How to create a strategy for success before you launch your shop
• Tips for getting your customers to keep coming back
• How to build a formidable business reputation
• How to build your business beyond Etsy and attract retailers to stock your products.
This book will help accelerate your business journey with practical and proven business advice from people who have actually done it.

It has been an exceptional journey for us, and if you aspire to start your own crafting business, Etsy is a great online marketplace to start with.

Etsy’s online presence and exposure are not to be ignored; take advantage of it unless you are SEO expert and are confident that your products make a blast without much marketing effort.

The drawback of Etsy is that it is highly saturated with many talented sellers, (including the much frown-upon fake handmade sellers) this is where the book comes in handy.

Make no mistake, successes are not always coincidences. We hit many hard and painful corners, took the wrong turns that led us to nowhere and back to where we had started, took advice from other successful sellers, and relentlessly improving and making adjustments to our work.

It is quite fruitless to be talented yet unnoticed. The World-Wide-Web is limitlessly huge, it can take one day of inactivity to be buried under, sometimes permanently.

Hopefully this book helps you gain better insights into the new possibilities of self-employment through crafts.


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