Princess & Knight Amigurumi Pattern

We have not forgotten about the Princess & Knight amigurumi pattern, our plates are just a tad full, hence the delay.

It is still in time for Christmas projects though. We imagine that the girls and boys (big or small) would love the little princesses and knights that are handmade with love by you.

The eTutorial is now available on our official webstore.

This pair was originally designed for the benefit of the Collective Charity Fundraiser, titled ‘Courageous Princess & Charming Knight‘. To match with the new logo of Breast Cancer Foundation, we adopted the theme of Pink and Grey. We know you love the colors just fine, but you can always change the cloak of the Knight to red or royal blue, and make the Princess’ dress in different colors!

Regrettably, the 5 pairs of Princesses and Knights that we made to be included in the Care Bags are all sold, but, we still have some fabulous care bags to go around, do drop by to take a look while you are there to pick up the pattern!

*Finished products/MTO – our order/work schedule is unlikely to loosen up anytime soon, so we are not accepting (sorry!) MTO order indefinitely. We will try to get more ready-made products made though.

With this decision, our MTO products at our webstore are mainly for ‘display’ only, and serve as references should we open up our order slots for MTO ordering. 


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