DoDo Amigurumi Reindeer Toys | Ready-Stock

DoDo amigurumi reindeer toys are now available as ready-made toys. As with our other ready-made products, this comes in limited quantity too.

In case you wonder, the eyes are replaced with 7mm black eyes instead of the 9mm clear eyes. Aside from the fact that clear eyes are discontinued at our store, black eyes are more scratch-resistant, or rather, it is less prominent when scratched.

We made the reindeer with 5 different colored shawls, namely white, pink, blue, green, and violet. Each of them makes some happy sounds with their jingle bells!

[Festive Season Shipping Recommendation]

We now offer Ordinary Mail, but this option is untraceable, and you know how year-end is, everyone is sending items to everyone, and the post office may get overcrowded. It is recommended to use Registered Article during this period, so that your orders are accountable for.

Also, do expect a few days delay than usual during this period, so please order early.


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