Pearly Whites | Glass Pearls

Glass pearls for new projects, perhaps? For all I know, I have bought some supplies that are now dated back to 2009 and they are still unopened in the original packing.

I just have so much I want to do, but I need equally much time before I can get them done. I am hopeful that the sketches in the drawing book are finally going to take shape with the new beginnings that 2013 bring. We don’t accept custom order anymore, remember? (Although, I am not hundred percent sure if that means I get more time, I am too capable in making myself busier than busy. I do have a wide range of interests, here and there!)

Before I distract myself with the pearls, I am working on 2 patterns (not new designs, but the patterns are not released due to tight work schedule), and a bunch of baby booties as ready-stock.

Meanwhile, you should really get cracking with Christmas projects, if you haven’t started!


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