Good Practice – Daily Backup

This is hilarious, and I have to share this, because I have lost my website and blogs on more than one occasion, for dumb reasons! The most common mistake is hitting the wrong button. ‘Delete’ sounds scary, but maybe not scary enough, they could try ‘DEMOLISH’, ‘DANGER’, or equivalent.

The new era of selling has changed, forever, when internet comes along. Like a brick and mortar shop owner, online shop owners spend a great deal of time and plenty of brain power (for me, at least, since I am an amateur in website building) in setting up the online shop. A good practice is to do a daily backup of our database and website contents. Anything can happen, and the only insurance to ensure that all our efforts don’t go to waste is to always backup.

Thankfully, I enjoy the daily backup service since upgraded to plus plan. It’s good news to basic users too, they now enjoy daily backup too; better for plus accounts is that we enjoy daily backup of up to 30 copies!

I don’t just backup on the server, I also have hardcore external HDD backup incorporated with Mac Time Machine, which backups every hour! You would be equally paranoid if you have lost everything in a button push!

Dumb Ways To Lose Your Site
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