Butterfly Brooches and Hair Clips, Romance in February

There is so much to do, yet so little time to do them, that hasn’t changed since years ago! Regardless, we are still very excited to roll out new products.

Accessories, retake photos

Sure, these are not new, they are just retakes of the photos. The problem with using natural lighting to take photos is that the light distribution can be very uneven and with Singapore’s recent weather, the brightness shifts from bright to dim in split second! That said, I prefer the 2nd batch of photos.


Butterfly brooch and clip

Sweet butterfly brooches and hair clips – hopefully we can launch it before February. It was a conversation with a crafting buddy, Debbie of Crysallis Creations, on the subject of a completely off-crafting (maybe not completely, but majorly) – favicon (that tiny little icon you see on the browser tab). Her new blog uses a butterfly image as favicon, thus the inspiration!

The butterfly is perfectly fine and delicate on its own, but we can always use some simple elegance, yes? Pearls are not granny’s jewelry, quite to the contrary, pearls tend to bring out the elegance and feminine side of a woman/girl.

Butterfly brooches would be great to use on fabric bags, pouches, or anything and anywhere you want to pin them on!

Romance is in the Air

Another batch of projects waiting to be launched is the most requested pattern for ring bearers aka heart pillows.. The pillows are versatile, so you can use them as ring bearers, or furnishing decorations (after the wedding). As you can see, the pillows are already made (since weeks ago), I just need time to work on the patterns. We will try to launch it by next week though.


Please be reminded that we will be traveling from the 1st week of February for more than 2 weeks, some supplies are running low in stock (again). Due to the traveling schedule, we won’t be restocking until March.

Low stock items (fast-moving items):

  • 7mm black eyes
  • 8mm black eyes
  • 9mm black eyes (100 pairs pack)
  • 10mm black eyes (100 pairs pack)
  • 12mm black eyes
  • 15mm black eyes (100 pairs pack)
  • Oval 7mm black eyes (100 pairs pack)
  • Oval 8mm black eyes (100 pairs pack)
  • Oval 10mm black eyes (100 pairs pack)


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