Slow but Steady Progress – Ring Bearers

I swear  I didn’t plan to slow down the progress, but for some reasons, I decide to rebuild the template for our patterns, from ground. The previous templates worked just fine, but I like to ‘rock the boat’ a little, don’t you all do that??!! Maybe I don’t resist change as much as I thought!

Oh well, now that the template is built, the patterns are almost finished, except for one last design. The ring bearers or pillows (you can use it as furnishing decoration after the wedding) patterns are in progress, slow, but steady. The heart pillows will be great gifts during Valentine’s Day too! You should have enough time to make them though.

Square pillow

The tutorials are expected to hit the store on Monday. I will de-distract myself from other stuffs such as facebook and you  know, online shopping!

Sidetracking from this topic, please be advised that some of our supplies are low in inventory, if not out of stock. Thank you very much for supporting the VIP promotion.

A quick rundown on the list of low stock items:

+ Brown eyes 9mm – 3 packs (20 pairs) – will discontinue after sold out

+ Black eyes 8mm – 1 pack (100 pairs); 17 packs (20 pairs) – We will continue to offer bulk pack (5 packs of 20 pairs packs) from the small packs, whichever sell out first. (we won’t break the bulk pack though)

+ Black eyes 10mm –  1 pack (100 pairs); 30 packs (20 pairs)

+ Black eyes 12mm –  1 pack (100 pairs); 12 packs (20 pairs)

+ Triangle nose 7mm – 1 pack (20 pieces)

+ Oval eyes/noses 7mm – 17 packs (20 pairs)

+ Oval eyes/noses 10mm – 2 packs (20 pairs); 20 packs (20 pairs)

As we are traveling for over 2 weeks from 1st week of Feb, we will not be expecting new shipment of supplies until March/April.

Now, we have to get back to work on the pattern. We don’t have enough time to do anything much for the Lunar New Year, but we might be able to rush some little cuties that is Lunar New Yearish. 😉


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