VIP Coupon for Supplies Expires on 27 Jan

Firstly, thank you so much for the overwhelming support in our VIP Coupons!

Good news (for us), the supplies and patterns are flying off the shelves – yes, imagination is required since the digital tutorials can’t literally fly off the shelves – since our exclusive VIP coupons are released!

Not so good news (for you and us) is that we will end the VIP coupon for supplies tomorrow at 12pm (Singapore Time – GMT +8hrs).

My husband urged me to place order for the next shipment of supplies, but I am putting that on hold until we return from vacation. His argument stands that it is exactly because we are going away, I should ensure that the supplies are restocked by the time we return. My reasoning is that it is the Lunar New Year period, it is challenging to arrange someone to receive the package, and I really cannot have a pending business weighing in my head while we vacation.

So, we are expiring the VIP coupon for supplies earlier. (Few days make a great difference!) This is your last chance to check out your cart if you haven’t. The other coupons – ready-made and patterns – will be valid till 01 Feb, 12pm.

Lunar New Year 2013

Secondly, before we take off for our vacation, we will be listing more ready-made cuties! If everything goes well – I am physically exhausted with the tight schedule I am keeping, and I need to tie up some ends before the vacation – the little critters will be in store on Monday!!


1. Mascot of the year (it’s really the Chinese thing)

There will be gender differentiation – doubles as  Valentine’s Day, Feb is really about loving and caring, yes?


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