Upcoming Amigurumi Projects – Love and Peace


I am back from the most bizarre vacation – ever! – many changes are in motion, and I am trying to get my act together.

Other than my ‘interesting’ personal life that is taking a huge turn, nothing drastic is changed on the business front. Order/work schedules have been followed as planned.

My sketch book has too many pages doodled but not every project materializes due to time constraint. I will be pushing the projects through as much as I can help it.

The new amigurumi projects include love (always, life without love is no life at all) of various forms, healing, peace, growth and all things harmonious. 😉

[Inventory Status]

Many of our safety eyes are out of stock or low in stock, request is already put up for manufacturing, and we are expecting the stocks to be in store in 2 weeks from now – if there is no further delay, it’s a huge shipment this time.


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