Safety Eyes and Yarns for Amigurumi Restocked



I have been really busy since returned from February vacation. The personal life and work life are competing aggressively against each other, to see who wins the race!

There has been a delay in shipment for the safety eyes, and we are still chasing for the short-shipment. I guess it’s just super busy for everyone in the first quarter of a new year.

Nonetheless, most of our safety eyes and yarns are restocked, but some eyes (oval 7mm) are still low stock in inventory until the short-shipped items are received. We are also negotiating the possibility in stocking up triangle noses in more sizes (currently all triangle noses are out of stock!). That may take a while longer as the factory has to work out the schedule to accommodate to our request.


New designs are scheduled to be worked on from late April – exciting new things are happening in my personal life, and it doesn’t involve a living thing (if that is what you are guessing).


Custom order is shelved indefinitely because of very heavy schedule. Finished products will be offered in Ready-Made segment, when I am more adjusted to my new timetable.


IMG_0623 IMG_0624

I am going back to school!!! That is one of the reasons why I will be busier than busy. It is a 3 years program, and I will attending evening classes.

I have had done part-time studies from time to time – life is about constant learning, yes? I won’t lie, it was super tough before, because of long working hours in full time office employment. I am confident it will be more manageable this time because I work from home and lesser time is wasted on traveling.

I am and have been very dedicated and committed, so your orders will still be processed and delivered in a timely fashion.

With me going back to school, you know what that also means right? There might be more school-associated designs popping up!

I am truly excited about the new learning embarkation, especially it has been my primary passion to study this discipline. I am not looking for a career switch, I am perfectly happy doing what I do; this is purely a life luxury to study for the sake of learning.


This is ME seizing control and celebrating the new chapter of my new life. (That ‘battery’ look alike disc is actually a custom-made white gold pendant, and those 3 little characters made up my Chinese name – Chen Lixing – Chen – read as Churn (silencing the ‘r’); Li – read as Lid (silencing the ‘d’); Xing – read as Sync (ending it with a ‘g’ instead of ‘c’).

Chen is the family name; Lixing is the name. The name can be deciphered as Clever Apricot!

The pendant is refashioned as a bracelet, I think it’s quite refreshing, don’t you agree?


2 comments for “Safety Eyes and Yarns for Amigurumi Restocked

  1. February 12, 2014 at 9:26 AM

    I have a tiny business and want to order a small amount 20-25 6mm black eyes, 10-20 8mm black eyes, 6 pair of orange translucent orange size 7.5 or 8 mm and 10 pink noses size 7mm. Could I get a quote soon as possible. thanks, ann

    • February 14, 2014 at 12:30 AM

      Hi there, we are currently traveling therefore all items that require shipping are removed from the inventory. Please check back at our store in March.

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