Make your mum a Mother’s Day Toys from our Amigurumi Patterns

Mummy's love

I planned to make a bunch of “Mummy’s Love” ready-made dolls in April, but that is an abandoned plan. I was planning on starting class in July, but for some reasons (valid reason, I saved $1000!) I dived deep and quick into the deep seas of education soaking up as much knowledge as I possibly could!

With that impromptu decision, new designs creation is put aside for a while until I get a grip on the new ‘messy’ routine evolving around mail runs, making orders, packing orders, going to school, meeting assignments deadlines, and other ends to tie up on the personal note.

But, for those who are more crafty – if not, this is a great time to pick up the crocheting hobby! – the Amigurumi pattern is available on our eShop.


Another design that illustrates mother’s unconditional care and love, is the ‘Nesting Birds’. It is also available on our eShop.



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