Business Cards, Stationery, and some News

I have to stop apologizing for the radio silence! But I’ll just do it once more today. I am really sorry that there isn’t much new activity or new products.

School is intense! I am going to slim down the modules for next term (right, I really should focus on passing all the exams for this term first!), so hopefully, schedules are lighter and I get to do more creative work. I do miss them. Crochet has always been one constant thing in my life.

A quick recap, I started to crochet since aged 8 or younger. Although crochet didn’t become my profession until 2006, it has always been one of the closest things in my life. It sounds odd (or not, for those of you who crochet or knit), but it is a psychological and mental sanctuary for me. It’s where and what calms me (repetitive work does that to me) and regulate the crazy work/life balance.

Crochet is not just a hobby or a job. It is an essential; it is an art therapy that works for me.

Back to the business cards and stationery. I took forever to have this set printed – by forever, I mean anywhere from 4 – 6 months – and I am very happy with the set.

Not many changes, just some tweaking of layout and font. one significant change would be my name. You will see confirmation email/newsletter bearing Lis Sun; the changes are made progressively across platforms and with officials, so you may still see Lis Chaong on PayPal etc, don’t worry, it’s the same person, just a different name.

P/S: Shh.. this is going to be a hush-hush message. I will be running a ‘hush’ promotion on sssssupplies, and it will be strictly sent through newsletter. This will not be broadcasted on the blog and facebook.

Target newsletter mailing – 20th June (I know it’s a month from now, but I have been very preoccupied with school projects, so I want to make sure this gets out now).

Tip: Subscribe to our mailing list now, because the newsletter will only be sent ONCE, so you must be subscribed before 20 June (Singapore time).

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