Haze in Singapore 2013

For friends outside Singapore and have not heard of it, Singapore is going through a very challenging environmental hazard. It’s been nearly a week, and the haze condition is worsening. The haze in Singapore 2013 is currently our most concerned topic as the PSI index continues to create new high. 🙁

We were greeting with over 400 in PSI level this morning.


Be assured though, your orders are mailed yesterday. I braved the hazardous haze to get your packages to the post office! Ok ok, I am just very dramatic, but I did bring them to the post office when the PSI level was under the unhealthy range.

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Your orders will still be mailed next week in timely fashion, UNLESS, it’s gotten so bad that there is no bus service, then, my hands are tied. I don’t drive, and it’s definitely not walking distance to the post office.

For the fellow Singaporeans, I hope you manage to grab N95 masks, wear them when you are out, but if you could help it, try to stay indoors.

I didn’t manage to get the mask, so I am resorting to counter measures:

1. Anti-bac/germ/smell spray

2. Essential oil diffuser with peppermint and eucalyptus (to aid breathing and reduce inflammatory in respiratory system)

Stay safe!


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