Amigurumi Graduation Dolls – Love Story Series

Love Story Series – Graduation Couple

This pair of graduation dolls is catalogued under our “Love Story Series”.

It is love at first sight. The first time he laid eyes on her, he knew immediately his world is changed forever. She loves his intelligence, humor and sensitiveness – and good looks definitely doesn’t hurt! He loves her for her wittiness, occasional clumsiness, her compassionate nature and a charming personality.

They play hard but study harder! There are times of joy and laughter; there are times of examination anxieties and assignments stresses. They never let the negative emotions affect their relationship. Hand in hand, they overcome all challenges. Together, they motivate each other to work towards their learning goals.

Today, they graduate with first class honors degree!

The Graduation Dolls are available now. There is one pair (ONLY) of the graduation dolls in the ready-made section.

For the benefit of the new visitors. We have stopped accepting Made-to-order (and most of our dolls are MTO) orders for 2 years now, although we try to stock up the ready-made section, the progress is slow due to the part-time studies (but have proved to be very hectic in the schedule!).



1. Good News: The new shipment of supplies (in transit) includes various sizes of triangle noses (YES!!! Finally!!), and heart shapes noses
2. Not so Good News: Prices will be revised (upwards) once the shipment arrives and stocked, as the purchasing prices have gone up (actually there have been several price rises, we just maintain the same prices for you, but this is the limit).

Please BUY what you need now when the prices are still the same.



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