I Will Always Love You, Most Ardently

Did you know yesterday was the Chinese Valentine’s Day? It is known as the “Double Seventh Festival” (Magpie Holiday) aka Chinese Valentine’s Day.

The legend tells the love story of a forbidden love. Once a year, Niulang (cowherd, the mortal) and Zhinü (weaver maid from heaven) meets on a bridge formed by the magpies (that took pity of the couple).

I don’t really celebrate any occasions much, but I love festivals and special occasions! It’s the atmosphere, ambience and the slight shift of attitudes around people that make some days more joyous than other.

So, I am feeling very ‘lovey dovey’ since yesterday!



This is my 7th year into this crafting business, and if you have been following my blogs, it’s hard to miss that I am a stationery junkie! I love stationery (too much, some say)!

The Princess & Knight is originally designed for a Charity Project – collective charity effort with various artisans and designers to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Foundation – but the design holds a very personal meaning to me too.

I was that girl who dreamt to be a Princess – like most other girls – being cherished, treasured, and protected. Growing up the way I did, I desired (possibly still do) to be protected, for someone to fight for me and protect me from harm. My grandfather was my charming Knight at one point, he fought for me, always.

The story goes well for the Breast Cancer Awareness too. Read the story -> Princess & Knight for Charity. Between a Prince and Knight, I choose Knight, it’s a charming effort to work very hard to guard and protect what matters.

I have ordered a rubber stamp bearing the Princess & Knight, and of course, two sweet castle cats!


“I will always love you, cross my heart” – an old fashioned and simple way to express affection.

I custom-made 2 wax seals, and some nice doilies. I love how this package turns out. It’s a strong affectionate message – an unwavering love sealed ardent affection.

Just so you know, these are not for sale! Just dropping by to say hi, before I scoot off for class.

Meanwhile, Valentine’s Day or not, take time to love.


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