Amigurumi Snails – Blissfully in Love

It’s been nearly three years since I stopped accepting custom/made-to-order orders. I must be one of the very blessed people who gets to convert her obsession into a business.

There are occasions (very rare, extremely rare) that I take on new orders. I shan’t reveal the ‘secret’ to making me ‘succumb’ to the temptation. I have a craving for creativity, it frees the pent-up frustrations of just being.


I have never denied that I am possibly among the snobbish designers who chooses her clients. Grace – who ordered this set of amigurumi snails as wedding rings bearer – was super nice and sincere. I was honest about my work/study schedule, and she was very understanding and accommodating.

The order was placed in August, I wanted to be super sure that I can fulfill the order as promise; I don’t break promises. I had plans for the term break (which officially ends today! New school term starts tonight!), but I decide to shelve the original plan a little further down the new school term.

I am very satisfied with how the snails turn out. If you noticed, the sketch illustrated the eyes to be ‘smiling’, but I made them the other way around because I want to illuminate the blissful expression of staying in love and enjoying each other’s presence.

Expression is always the key. They give me an impression that they are immensely happy to have found each other. They close their eyes and connect with each other.

The snail has sentimental meaning to the couple – specifically to the groom – I hope he likes them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

**The pattern should be ready in 1-2 weeks’ time; I haven’t caught any rest since last school term, I am beat! I also need to sort out the inventory for supplies so that you can stock up for your projects**


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