Princess & Knight – The First Promise

Every doll has a story. Since I am a hopeless romantic, every doll I make has an endearing story.

The Princess & Knightwas first created in support of a charity fundraiser for Breast Cancer Foundation. The dolls frame the entire concept that Breast Cancer is majorly a woman disease (men get it too, just more rarely). Every girl is a princess at heart, we have dreams of falling in love with someone who will provide a safe haven.

I designed the Knight to have only the shield, and not the sword. The idea is that in fighting the disease, more than often, the knight feels helpless because it is not exactly his fight with cancer, but he can stand guard and help shield the princess from harm while she fights her battle. A silent but powerful support to the Princess.

This is one of my favorite stories, because it encompasses all things good, including unconditional love, unselfish acts, courage, commitment, faith, and loyalty.

The title of a prince is a given through heritage; knight on the other hand, has to earn his place. Nothing against Prince (not that we have that many royalties now), but I would go for a knight.

Perhaps, the first promise made by the Knight is a sworn commitment to always keep the Princess safe (and to always love her). He will prove his worth and place. I know, I am old school like that.

I hope you are having a great weekend, while I am going to spend the day assembling 8 racks that I purchased from Ikea for better organization of the supplies and goods. At this point, I am not completely clear of the inventory but some supplies are already running low stock, and we won’t be restocking until next year, after the long year end vacation.


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