Relief for Typhoon Haiyan – Donate Generously

It is heartbreaking and devastating to read the news about the damages left behind by Typhoon Haiyan.

I have been very blessed not to have lost anyone in such a dramatic disaster. It is exactly why my heart breaks for the victims. I can deal with a similar loss; it is the unfathomable that leaves my heart shattered, because I know then that it’s an inconsolable pain far beyond my grasp. I can endure a lot, so if I can’t even imagine what this may be like for the victims; I am convinced that the devastation is incomprehensible.

Please bear with me, when I urge most earnestly for your generous donation towards the Relief for Typhoon Haiyan. Every dollar counts, how about giving your beer and snacks money, or/and a small fraction of your travel fund (we know how much Singaporeans love to travel!) towards this humanity effort?

When the Tsunami hit Japan, I worked late into the nights to make some weather dolls, Teru Teru Bozu to raise fund. I wish I could do the same this time, alas, time is not on my side.

I believe in sharing and spreading the words. It’s easier for me to donate money, but if you have grown to know me better, I don’t do ‘easy’. I feel that it’s more effective to inspire others to do the same, to spread the words and keep the news alive for as long as it possibly can. Only when we delay the effect of the news dying in between our busy schedules and indulgences, the victims don’t get forgotten so quickly; sometimes too soon for them to receive enough help.

Know that there is never enough, the loss is lost, we can only help to make it less worse than it already is.

So, I implore you to consider donating towards this cause. There are several organisations that you may make donations to, I donated through World Vision because it’s immediate (Red Cross accepts donation by cheque or by person).

Donations made easy:

World Vision – Relief for Typhoon Haiyan




Please help to make a difference today. Believe me, giving is very soul-satisfying, try it. Let today be a day of gratitude towards what we have by helping the less fortunate.

Please continue to share the news to keep this alive until adequate help is rendered.



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