Nisse Dolls – Amigurumi Santa Ben & Santarina Sophie for Christmas


I don’t have a lot of time before the final exam for this year; however, I felt ‘compelled’ to make this pair of jolly happy lovers for the holiday season!

I was told that they look like Nisse, the mythical guardians that live among the human race. They protect the children from evil and help with the housework chores. I love all things mythical, so I read up a little, and I am absolutely in love with the Scandinavian fairy tale!

So, I named this pair the Nisse Lovers. (Run a search for tomte, nisse or tomtenisse to read about them, it’s really nice!)

With every couple, there is always a story behind them.


I have a Santa boy design in 2007, if you look at him now, he looks more like a Santa baby who has grown to become a fine young gentleman – Santa Ben.

I have been wanting to make him a Santarina but one thing led to another, his Santarina never came. He has waited and searched since 2007, and the wait is finally over this year.

I love this pair of lovers very much. They turn out exactly the way I imagined them to be, and I hope you like them too.

I know time is running a little tight now, but if you have experience in making amigurumi dolls, this pair is easy to make. Finished dolls are not available though, because this pair has been reserved, and I am out of time to take new orders.


Not forgetting a friendly reminder that the last day of order (before we close most of the sections for vacation) is 12.Dec.2013 (Singapore Time). We will be back in March 2014 (if we are not extending the vacation), so please order early to avoid disappointment. We apologise for the sold out items!


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