Free Crochet Chunky Infinity Cowl Pattern

So, I have traveled from a all-seasons-summer Singapore to colder countries  for winter getaway. If you have been a crochet addict like myself, you would agree that vacation absolutely DOES NOT apply to crochet; if anything, I want to crochet more when I am on vacation!

It’s very cold here, so I have made myself a cowl – infinity cowl. I like how it turns out – you know, I am really an amigurumi designer, although I crochet practically anything and everything, cowl is my first! – so I am going to show some ‘love’ and ‘warmth’ with you, especially those on the colder side of the globe.


*Please pardon the casual photo image and unwilling model, I promise to take another better photo of a more gorgeous model tomorrow*

Crochet Chunky Infinity Cowl Pattern 

1. Super chunky yarn #6 – I use Lion Brand Hometown Acrylic – 3 skeins
2. Crochet hook size N13
3. Tapestry needle (with huge eyelet)
4. Threader

Finished Product:
Folded – W15″ x L17″ / 38cm x 43cm
Unjoint full length – 34.5″ / 87.5cm
* You may make it longer or chunkier, but increasing the foundation chains and total rows, however, you will need more skeins of yarn. This fits woman of size XS to M / size 0 to 10 (didn’t try on other sizes, but I suspect that size L / 12-14 should fit too *

Skills Level:
Super easy – Beginner’s Level

Time Required:
1 hour for experienced crafter / 1.5-2 hours for casual and new crafter

1. This pattern works in rows. Ch 2 at beginning of row (2 onwards), turn at end of row.
2. Crochet loosely

Stitches Abbreviation (US Terminology):
Ch – chain
hdc -half double crochet
dc – double crochet
* Free basics (and tips) are downloadable on simpleartsplanet website *

InfinityCowl_01   Ch 50

InfinityCowl_02  Row 1 – On 3rd ch, dc across (48 dc)


InfinityCowl_03  Row 2 – hdd across (48 hdc)

** Special Note: Row 1 and 2 form a set **

Make total of 5 sets, row 1 and 2 inclusive. You get 10 rows of alternating stitches.

Row 11 – dc across (48 dc)

** You may increase/decrease the row sets at your discretion, but you must always end the final row with dc row **

Leave tail of around double the full length of finished piece. Use the tail to sew neaten the last row and to sew the edges together.

InfinityCowl_05   ** Optional ** Use threader to thread the tail of yarn to tapestry needle. Stitch around the top of last row.

InfinityCowl_06   Finished work illustration (this is to tighten the wider edge of final row)

* DO NOT cut the yarn, we still need to join the ends together *

InfinityCowl_06a   Finished piece

InfinityCowl_07   * Creating infinity twist * Fold the piece down

InfinityCowl_08  Hold the end of and align with the other end of finished piece

InfinityCowl_09   The folded piece should look like that

InfinityCowl_10   Insert needle from under the stitch on one side.

InfinityCowl_11   On the other side, do the same, always stitch from under the stitch. Repeat until the rows are all joined.

InfinityCowl_12   Due to the ‘twist’, the left and right side may not look identical, don’t worry about it, when you wear it, this goes to the back and the awkward joint is negligible when the creases are formed.

infinityCowl_13  There, you have the infinity cowl.



Have fun making this simple, cozy and functional cowl!



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