LoveMeGurumi – Valentine Amigurumi Patterns

It’s no secret that I am a crochet addict; how else do I sustain a crafting business largely dominated by crocheted products since 2006?

The yarns that I shipped to the States (where I currently am) has not arrived, and I doubt I would be productive during the vacation because I am also actively working on the sketches of personalised dolls for a bulk order that I accepted before the vacation.

That said, I will be abroad celebrating (already celebrated Christmas and New Year here) Lunar New Year here, and Valentine’s Day in Europe – that’s right, I forgot to tighten that ‘knot’ of last ‘stitch’ in my head, and decide to circumnavigate the globe after the final exams!

So, have you decided what to make for Valentine’s Day? Perhaps it’s about time to look through our catalogue and pick out the lovey dovey projects – we coined it as LoveMeGurumi!

LoveMeGurumi_01 LoveMeGurumi_02 LoveMeGurumi_03

These are just some Valentine Amigurumi Patterns that we though you may like, but really, every amigurumi design in our store is infused with a great story, and they could just be expressing what you really feel and have difficulty in expressing to that special someone!

Pair them up, or make a few of them that tell the story of your relationship with the special someone.

Did we mention we are still on winter vacation? Yeah, so it means we can’t ship any tangible products just yet. We have received many emails and convos (via Etsy) with sad and crying smiley emoticons triggering by the alarm that all the supplies that you want are now vanished from our shopfront! Don’t worry, we will reopen the closed sections when we get back in Singapore in March. We promise to restock all out-of-stock items as fast as we could too!

Now, go make some LoveMeGurumi Valentine Amigurumi!

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