Amigurumi Lovers – Bus-stop Lovers

Life is practically made up of stories and mini-stories. I have zillions of stories to tell, and I have an amazing(ly crazy) memory for events, so it is nearly impossible for me to run out of stories (unless… well, let’s stay optimistic!).

This was my personal love story. It will always stay as a story. See, story doesn’t change because of the eventual outcome, it’s like a recorded journal entry. Sure, the tone of telling the story may differ (but not for me, what happened in the end doesn’t change what happened then), but a story is a story.

I bet this has a very unique love story different from mine (mine was simply beyond bizarre and hilarious!), made up of mini stories, perhaps all happened at that bus-stop, where bus number 50 passes through.

Whatever the story may be, this set of amigurumi lovers is significantly meaningful to the recipient.

“Love, treasure it; without it, life is no more.”

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