Nisse Lovers – Berit & Paul Amigurumi Pattern

The ‘Nisse Lovers’ is catalogued under our ‘Love Story Series’.

Nisse Berit, like other Nisse, protects the children in the household from harm. She is however, a garden Nisse, where she could be at the forefront of defence from any attempt by the crooks.

Nisse Berit has the kindest heart, and eyes for beauty. As a garden Nisse, she ensures that the garden is blossoming with seasonal flowers and fruits. She sings and dances along with happy tunes while she gardens.

The singing attracts a hardworking landscaper from nearby. His name is Nisse Paul. He is diligent and works in the woods most of the time. He helps keep the nature in harmony.

Mesmerised by the enchanting voice of Nisse Berit, Nisse Paul finds himself involuntarily going to the garden and watches the beautiful Nisse Berit, from a distance. Being a guardian of the children, Nisse Berit has the most alert senses and of course she knows someone has been watching her. One day, at the same time that Nisse Paul visits, she hides behind the bushes and awaits.

One thing leads to another, the two Nisses fall in love. They share the same passion and together, they keep the children and environment safe for everyone.

Nisse Berit and Nisse Paul is now available as Amigurumi Pattern on and


Ok, that is the business front. This pair of Nisse lovers begins with just the girl. I made the Nisse girl in Spring colour (traditional Nisse always wear red, like our Nisse Christmas lovers) as Spring is around the corner in Denmark. The doll is a thank you gift as a token of my appreciation towards Berit (that’s her real name, this design is named after her) for her warm and kind assistance when my host & family left for Holland for a week. It was nice to have someone to check in with me and to bring me to stock up the groceries.

Berit strikes me as a very warm person with a heart of gold. She is in the helping profession who has a very forward opinion towards building a compassionate society. Paul, her husband (and yes, the Nisse Paul is named after her husband) and her (together with another enthusiast) start a community project to help young people with pervasive developmental disorder (such as Asperger’s Syndrome) manage day to day activities and other programs.

I rarely ask for help, ever; but when I receive help, I would love to express my gratitude towards the kindness extended to me.

Now, I am really quite obsessed with the Nisse. Here are some Nisse dolls on sale in a gift shop in Odense, Denmark.

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