Triangle Nose 6mm and Tulip Crochet Hooks (NEW)

We have been working extra hours to get your orders packed and shipped in a timely fashion, while sorting out the restocked and new supplies.


1. Tulip crochet hooks (aluminium) – new sizes for double-edged crochet hooks

The sizes are not new, but they are paired differently from the previous stocks; such as the existing stock 1/0-2/0 (steel) vs new stock 2/0-3/0 (aluminium) etc.

We also offer them in set which takes 25% off the regular price.

2. Triangle noses 6mm

This is a new size for triangle nose. They come in very small quantity this time because it was a last-minute add-on to the shipment.


Other News:

:: 4mm eyes will be DISCONTINUED after sold out. We are left with 14 packs (accurate at the time of this post). We will be bringing in 4.5mm eyes though; it’s already in production.


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