Keeping Passion Alive

There is only one season in Singapore, so I am constantly confused with the spring cleaning concept. I clean (massively) when I feel like it. When I returned from the long winter vacation, I wanted to clean the rooms, and switch them (the crafting/supplies room and my bedroom). Alas, there were  (still are) so much work to clear.

So, yesterday, I decide to do it, since my mother is out-of-town, I won’t feel pressurized (I have mentioned about my mother quite often from the beginning of this crafting business, if you are interested to know this hilarious woman, visit my new blog – WIP – at – cheek in tongue) to set up everything in time for her virtual farming activities.


I am bad in procrastinating, it’s not a brag, it’s just that I lose sleep over pending work.

I am STRONG, as in physically! You’d never know how much strength you could draw until you have absolutely no one to rely on for help. 😛 Fine, I am not great in asking for help anyway.

So, I moved a lot of furniture and storage systems to the living room; moved my (super) heavy queen sized bed to the work room, and of course the (mega) heavy frame fell right on my foot! Gauging from the fact that I could completely ignore the (massive) pain and continue to move everything, I don’t think I broke anything, then again, I have an unbelievably high level of pain threshold.

With one badly banged up foot, and full body-ache, I managed to switch the rooms in 4 hours. Not bad, I say! I slept very badly last night though, I do need some time to get used to changes – even within familiar premise – and my foot hurts when I move, or crunch the toes!

Today will be just perfect for crocheting, and not moving around too much.


My brain is a hyper-busy place. It’s like it’s segregated into different departments; and all departments are in highly operational mode. Most of the departments are subsumed under the bigger category – creativity.

You don’t need to be talented to be creative. I am not remotely close to being labeled talented, but I am very hardworking and keen.

I get asked many times on how to keep the passion for crafting alive. Well, there is no standard answer, but I’ll give you my ‘formula’, take it with a pinch of salt.

1. I am autistic (Asperger’s)
I am tireless (that is a nice term in place of obsession!); with so much thoughts in my head, they have to go somewhere!

2. Keep formulating branching thoughts/ideas
One thing doesn’t need to be relevant to another, but allow ideas to sprout in different directions

3. Think, but act too
Thinking is important, so is acting on it; we may not know for sure if things may turn out well, but if we don’t put our hands to work, thoughts are just like fleeting cloud and leaving no trace

4. Start by sketching
I know, I know, not everyone can sketch. I am not talking about artistic or graphic sketches, I am talking about drafts that you make for what you plan to do. ‘Freeze’ the ideas before it dissipate into thin air.

5. Be unafraid of failure
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes or be met with failures. Sometimes I have to make and remake one part of the doll a few times until I achieved what I have in mind. Be relentless.

6. Dedicate time
I have a very busy mind (yes, I know I repeat myself all the time), but I make sure I get to do some creative work, every day. I feel bad about not doing many other things, and I am wired in such a way that I can get distracted very easily with too many thoughts and things going on. It takes training to stay focused. Of course, when I get focused, it’s hard to distract me.

7. Motivation of gratification
Attach positive feelings to the completion of any project. Remember how that feels, and desire to feel the same way again. That is called Motivation. I desire to see the finished outcome, because I feel exhilarated by the ability to complete tasks and project the way I visualised them in my head; most importantly, by putting the best effort every time, I appreciate my own effort.

So, what do I love to do?

  • Ruminate and write too many quotes – being philosophical
    – Formulating positive thinking
  • Conjure and write stories – not talented in that either, but I do my best
  • Appreciating small things – such as a pretty pair of earrings
  • Read
  • Doodle
  • Imagine the best outcome in love – I am a hopeless romantic
  • Discover new software that helps boost my interests in relatively vast areas

You know the thing about me being the Story Woman? Every doll that I design has a story to tell; either they are inspired by a true story that I have observed, or a story that I construct when I look at the finished product. I decide to go ahead to publish short stories about Ben & Sophie.


The first short story is named ‘Hide and Seek’. It’s been sent to ibooks for review, but it could take a while. ‘Hide & Seek’ will be offered for free. If the book is not approved in a week’s time, I will think of another way of offering the book. 😉

Till then, have a fabulous week, and for those who craft and create, never stop imagining! Branch out your thoughts, no idea is too crazy.

“The poison to creativity is limiting thoughts,

The poison to intelligence is complacency,

The key to everlasting affection is interestingness.”

~ The Missy


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